What Does CRA Mean? What Does the CRA Do?

When you miss a payment, but that leads to more missed payments, things can get out of hand and the CRA puts you into arrears. It may be frightening to have happen, but Leverage Capital can help you with support, guidance, and professional advice.


What Does CRA Mean? What Does the CRA Do?

The CRA is the acronym for the Canadian Revenue Agency. It is the revenue service of the Canadian Government that deals with taxes, benefits, administer programs, and ensures compliance on the government’s behalf. It also gives tax credits and administers laws and policies. The job of the CRA is to contribute to the social and economic


What are Arrears, and What Happens If You Go Into Arrears?

Arrears are what happens when you miss one or more payments for a debt, or the payment becomes overdue. Arrears start from the missed payment’s due date. If any payment becomes overdue or goes over its due date, it is considered late.

Various types of payments that can go into arrears

  • child support
  • royalties
  • water bills
  • rent
  • loan payments
  • mortgages


If you go into arrears, there are ways to get out.

  1. File your income tax returns on time from this time onward. File all outstanding tax documents. By doing this, you are showing the CRA you are trying to improve the situation by complying with the law. Filing your tax documents will help determine the amount you actually owe.
  2. After you are done filing your returns, contact the CRA. You will need to provide documents so that a proper monthly payment can be created. You will need to give income and expense statements that show financial obligations. By submitting returns and documents, you are showing the CRA you are trying to work out a solution to your arrears issue.
  3. Vacations or recreational expenses may have to be cut down until your debt is handled.
  4. Develop a payment plan and stick to the plan. Contact the CRA if you are ever struggling to make a payment and they will work with you to see if anything can be done.


If you find you just can’t pay in full, you can arrange a payment plan. Regular payments can be set up over a certain period. You can also arrange to speak with a qualified person or Licensed Insolvency Trustee. They may have helpful options for your situation, such as bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. Once bankruptcy is filed, collection activity will stop, since the CRA acts like any other creditor.

Remember the CRA can take measures when they are unable to make an agreement with the person in arrears, or who fails to file an income tax return. The CRA can do the following without going to court:

  • garnishee wages. The CRA can take up to 50% of employment gross income or 100% o subcontractor income.
  • Put a lien on properties that will pay the debt if sold
  • can freeze bank account and seize funds upon deposit
  • apply interest to the debt by assessing income tax returns that haven’t been filed

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